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Made in Germany since 1928

Since 1928, AGOFORM has been a strong partner to industry. Design expertise, process know-how, as well as a high level of flexibility and quality assurance throughout the production process guarantee timeless solutions for your company. Trust in our innovative strength and wide range of services because we supply you that certain extra something for your customers – worldwide.


Individuality and flexibility

We are not a supplier of mass-produced goods or standard catalogue items. We gear ourselves to your wishes. Even if you have selected an item from our extensive range of cutlery inserts or non-slip mats, this is produced in accordance with your individual specifications. It goes without saying that for customers with whom we have built up an intensive business relationship, it is also possible for us to store ready-packed items in our warehouse to enable us to supply these customers just-in-time.



This is what defines us.

AGOFORM Innovation

Innovation and expertise

Since 1956, our company, founded in 1928, has focused on the development and production of thermo-moulded components.  We produce innovations that not only stand the test of time over decades, but which are also subject to continuous further development. In 1956, we developed and brought the plastic cutlery insert to the market. In 1985, the possibilities of lamination of surface structures were discovered. This makes it possible for us to transfer various optics, e.g. stainless steel, wood or high gloss, on the plastic surfaces. 1994 saw the arrival of the polystyrene-based non-slip mat.

In close partnership with our customers, we work day-in and day-out on the minor and major innovations for the products of today and tomorrow.

AGOFORM family enterprise

Medium-sized family enterprise

We are a classic medium-sized German family-owned business, now being run by the third generation. Our finances are sound, predominantly based on internally generated funds. Our growth is measured and sustainable. This puts us in good stead to absorb any global crisis, and even in economically challenging years, such as 2008 through 2010, we were able to remain a reliable partner for our customers, employees and suppliers. We are flexible, have short decision-making processes and adjust our structures time and again in line with the needs of the market.

For our personnel equally we are a reliable partner. It is our objective to accompany and support our employees from apprenticeship to retirement. Our highly valued cooperation over decades promotes trust and the mutual desire to effect continual change.

AGOFORM quality


We want to embrace the quality concept in all aspects – not simply by observing the statutory requirements and promoting an improvement in the quality standard among our suppliers, but also by continually upgrading our own efficiency and quality-oriented performance. Over the past few years, we have built up a sophisticated CAQ system. Thus, besides the supplementary spot-checks of our Quality Control, we ensure that the quality standard is continuously upheld. Moreover, already since 1996 we have been certified in accordance with the European Quality Standard DIN EN ISO 9001, in the meantime, of course, in conformity with its latest version, DIN EN ISO 9001:2015. Regular audits by the northern division of the TÜV (Technical Inspection Authority in Germany) ensure that the requirements of the standards are met and maintained.

AGOFORM Sustainability


Participation in the „Gemeinsam klimaneutral 2030” climate initiative which seeks to achieve climate neutrality by 2030 sees us voluntarily committing ourselves to sustainable action.

Recyclable raw materials
Most of our products are based on the raw material polystyrene (PS). We use only food-grade polystyrene types suitable for contact with food. Polystyrene can be recycled several times, and it is reconditioned according to a specialised process without suffering any deterioration in material properties. Consequently, product-related granulate
waste products are converted back into valuable granulate. We have, therefore, painstakingly separated our production waste for many years now. Working together with specialised processors, we ensure that our processes are optimised in terms of quality and efficient usage of resources.

AGOFORM Internationality


Our many years of export experience means that you can rely on us to fully commit, adhere to deadlines, and be mindful of costs. A major portion of our production is supplied to more than 60 countries across the globe. That’s why we can draw on a comprehensive knowledge in all aspects of export, from optimized packaging to handling customs formalities and cooperating with forwarding agents.

AGOFORM Tradition

Tradition – we are down-to-earth eastern Westphalians

On 5th July 1928 the merchant August Ottensmeyer, born on 2nd April 1905 in Löhne-Bischofshagen , registered his business in Löhne as a travelling salesman. Attending commercial school in the mornings, he spent the afternoons selling curtain fabrics and fittings to his customers in the emerging kitchen furniture industry in the region – after a short while even being able to buy and use an own car. War and capture abruptly interrupted his successful activities which, however, he took up again and extended further as soon as the war was over.

In 1956, as the very first person to do so, August Ottensmeyer developed a thermoformed plastic cutlery insert carrying the brand-name AGOPLASTIC cutlery insert, and built up the production necessary to fabricate it.

In 1968, on completing his studies in business economics, his son, Jürgen Ottensmeyer, took over the management and in 1980 the company, the name of which was changed to AGOFORM GmbH.

1969 saw the laying of the foundation stone for the first building phase at the company’s present location in Gewerbestraße 27. In 1970, the company then moved from Exter to its present headquarters in Löhne.

From 1985, its own extrusion line enabled the company to extend and widen the value-added chain, making it possible for it to accommodate the customer’s wishes with even greater flexibility and individuality. With an own in-house development, the polystyrene-based non-slip mat, a new product established itself on the market.

In mid 2007, on qualifying as a banker and process engineer as well as graduating as an industrial engineer, Jan Ottensmeyer takes over the family business, being the third generation to do so. Since then, together with the graduate engineer Michael Ruprecht, he has formed the management of AGOFORM GmbH. In the following ten years, the company grows steadily from making a turnover of some 22 million euros with 535 customers, to achieving an international turnover of around 30 million euros with customers in more than 60 countries across the globe.

Since 1970, we have been firmly rooted to our headquarters in Löhne’s Gewerbestraße, which in line with the expansion of the business we continually extend and modernise. This is where we feel at home. Our employees, most of whom have been working for the company for decades, are from the region – in fact, some now represent the second generation. Together we feel duty-bound to do justice to the “Made in Germany” quality claim. We produce exclusively in Löhne, at the heart of eastern Westphalia, i.e. in the middle of Germany. We are proud to have been a reliable business partner to many of our customers and suppliers over decades.

Strong arguments for AGOFORM

Family enterprise

  • Founded in 1928, owner-manged by the third generation
  • Inventor of the thermoformed plastic cutlery insert
  • Europe’s largest manufacturer of precision-fitting thermoformed drawer inserts
  • Inventor of the polystyrene-based non-slip mat

Extensive vertical integration of production

  • Extrusion using specialist equipment
  • A wide range of finishing options
  • Core expertise in production: extrusion, thermoforming, product finalisation
  • Branch focus: furniture, leisure, industry

Growth orientation

  • Production volume of more than five million drawer inserts per year
  • A 160-strong workforce in Production and Sales
  • Development and production in Löhne, Germany
  • Products sold to more than 60 countries worldwide
  • Annual turnover of approx. 30 million euros
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