Bathroom inserts

Bathroom inserts

When it comes to the interior organisation of bathroom furniture AGOFORM bathroom inserts are the ideal helpers. A highlight not solely as regards the design aspect but also in terms of the organised storage where the inserts rise to each and every challenge. All the bathroom inserts are perfectly matched to your furniture and meet every requirement demanded by a damp environment. Water-proof and easy to clean, the inserts offer a practical beading effect (so called Lotus effect), as a result of which dirt doesn’t stand a chance!

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Ecologically sound & simply well thought-out

The material used is ecologically sound, meaning, for example, that also a toothbrush can be safely stored in the AGOFORM bathroom inserts without cause for concern. Thanks to the cut-out for the siphon trap the inserts fit perfectly underneath the washbasin. That the raised section in the centre solves the problem of open cut edges, arising when sawing out recesses in the washbasin base unit, shows that we’ve thought of everything. Additional separators allow the existing compartments to be subdivided into further smaller sections – individual down to the last detail.


An overview of our current product series

Saphir Bathroom insert


Variable und individual

Spa Bathroom insert



Diamant Bathroom insert


Functionally organised

T-Space Bathroom insert


Practical storage surface of the washbasin

Vanity Flex Bathroom insert


Elegant organisation

Available in the following standard colours:

Standard Colour White

White 002

Standard Colour Silver Grey

Silver grey 828

Standard Colour Slate Grey

Slate grey 870

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