Goods tray

Goods tray

Plastic trays are ideal for transporting and storing your workpieces. For many years now, we have been producing not only disposable and reusable goods trays for electrical circuit boards and other small components, but also for gearbox housings and complete axles. We can also supply electro-conductive trays that come with an accompanying test certificate.

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Disposable tray

A disposable tray is frequently used for storage purposes as well as for the worldwide shipment of electronic components. The size and sectioning of the compartments as well as rotatable stackability (if required) are individually configured and thus guarantee safe transit, alongside the possibility of automating loading and unloading, insertion, and removal.


Transparent disposable tray

Besides the standard black colour, we can produce trays not only in other colour shades but also in transparent A-PET HQ. This allows a quick overview of the contents even when the trays are stacked.


Reusable tray

This tray is designed for multiple use and was developed for transporting p.c. boards. The material used is PS-ESD.


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