Sink protection

Sink protection

Limescale deposits leading to leaky plumbing or loose-fitting sink traps mean that water can quickly escape into the unit, above all frequently going unnoticed for quite some time. The storage space underneath the sink is a favourite place for storing household cleaners. If a bottle falls over and the contents spill out, these often aggressive liquids can cause serious damage to the unit. Our under-sink protection provides the ideal solution to this potential hazard. The benefits at a glance:

  • Protection of the carcase interior against damp and wet
  • On-the-spot containment of leaks and spills from household cleaners
  • User convenience: you simply remove the flexible sink protection mat liner or tray and reinsert it after cleaning. It couldn‘t be easier

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Make your kitchen "waterproof"

Products offering under-sink protection are the perfect partners for your sink base unit. Protecting against damp and wet, they prevent damage caused by escaping water and/or leaking household cleaners. They allow the contents of the sink base to be quickly removed and facilitate easy cleaning of its interior.


Available in the following standard colours:

Standard Colour White

White 002

Standard Colour Silver grey

Silver grey 828

Standard Colour Slate grey

Slate grey 870

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