As Europe’s leading and largest manufacturer of precision-fitting plastic drawer inserts, we offer a variety of solutions for the kitchen, bathroom and office (KBO). Besides the inserts our portfolio includes further practical organisational solutions ranging from non-slip mats across under-sink protection to storage systems.


Industry expertise

Leading in Europe

Since 1956 we have been developing products for the furniture industry, in particular the kitchen, bathroom and office. In doing so, we are constantly optimising our innovations, continually extending our portfolio, at the same time as creating products in close collaboration with our customers.

Drawer inserts

Organisational talents for your kitchen

When it comes to organising cutlery in the kitchen, the high-quality, precision-fitting cutlery inserts from AGOFORM ensure perfect function every time. The broad range of designs coupled with the made-in-Germany quality make the inserts a convincing option.

Non-slip mats

Enjoy the silence

Our non-slip mats prevent items from sliding around when drawers are opened and closed, thus keeping everything safely and quietly in place! Precisely fitting, with excellent anti-slip characteristics, a broad range of textures and in premium German quality, AGOFORM non-slip mats offer the ultimate in convenience.

Under-sink protection

Making the kitchen waterproof

The protective mats from our under-sink protection series keep the carcase of your sink unit dry and protect against damage from water and moisture. The mats can be retrofitted and are easy to remove as well as to clean.

Bathroom cabinet inserts

Creating a clutter-free bathroom

AGOFORM offers the perfect organisation system for bathroom cabinets: even cosmetics can be kept safe and clearly arranged. The entire system is easy to use and, of course, both space-saving and precisely fitting.


Better organised throughout the house

Whether it’s a matter of the safe, clearly arranged storage of provisions or plates, creating space directly in the kitchen for fresh herb plants, or you’re simply wanting to reorganise a drawer – we have the solution that’s just right for you!