Whistleblower system

We have stood for the classic values of a responsible family business since 1928. Innovation and competence make us a reliable partner for the industry. Our focused work forms the basis for the company’s success.

We understand that our staff, customers, suppliers and the general public place great trust in us. So we are committed to responsible and sustainable company management and to conduct ourselves in a proper manner, both legally and ethically.

What this means in specific terms, we have compiled in our Code of Conduct. The Code of Conduct represents our commitment to meet requirements and expectations while offering a guiding role.

If you, as an employee, business partner or external third party, discover a violation of the law or our Code of Conduct for which the company or its employees are responsible and do not wish to report this to superiors, management or other suitable persons in the company, our whistleblower system is also available to you for anonymous reporting.

In particular, you can use our whistleblower system to report violations of human rights, environmental or labor law obligations, or anti-corruption or money laundering laws.

You can also report a corresponding violation at one of the companies supplying AGOFORM GmbH with goods or services via our whistleblower system.

Please keep in mind that a report can have consequences for employees, business partners and other affected parties. Therefore, please submit your report with the utmost care and only provide information that you can say is correct to the best of your knowledge.

Our whistleblower system is operated in such a way that it is neither technically nor organizationally under the control of the ordering company and the operator is not subject to any instructions from our company.

As long as you do not enter any data that allows conclusions to be drawn about you, the procedure ensures technical protection of your anonymity. The information provided will be kept strictly confidential and we assure you that we are only interested in the tip reported by you. Tips do not have any negative consequences for the reporter, unless an untrue fact has been deliberately alleged.

The use of our whistleblower system is free of charge for you as a whistleblower.

You can reach our whistleblower system here.