Industry expertise

Industry expertise

As Europe’s leading and largest manufacturer of precisely fitting plastic drawer inserts we offer you an exceptionally extensive range of designs, colours, surfaces, and sizes to complement the various drawer box systems. Providing the most diverse of solutions for kitchen, bathroom and office furniture is an integral part of our product portfolio.



Since 1956, we have focused our activities on developing and producing thermoformed parts for the furniture industry. As a supplier to renowned industry giants, our high quality and innovative strength make us a convincing partner in every respect. The series products we supply to the furniture industry, for example decorative surfaces and non-slip mats, are constantly being further developed and extended by contemporary colour worlds and surface designs. Thus, at AGOFORM innovations are brought forth that endure over decades and never go out of fashion.



Over the last few years, kitchens have evolved from being a purely functional space into a whole lifestyle concept. To meet increased expectations AGOFORM offers an array of different cutlery and functional inserts, non-slip mats, as well as various accessories, aimed to lend every kitchen the finishing touch in terms of design and interior organisation. This individuality in perfect balance with functionality makes our product portfolio unique for your customers.



Wherever water and moisture come into play, furniture and fittings are subjected to particularly testing conditions. Our range of innovative bathroom accessories featuring various inserts, non-slip mats, and other practical aids, solves many a problem before it even arises. And it goes without saying that this also includes perfect organisation of the interior storage space.



In the age of start-up companies and work-life balance office spaces are increasingly becoming living spaces. Here, functional inserts and plastic mats prove useful not only in relation to the interior organisation of cabinets and drawers but also in many other areas. Our special office range combines trends with practicality – to the benefit of your customers.