Presentation of goods

Presentation of goods

In the food industry and retail trade special rules apply with regard to secondary packaging and the presentation of goods. We take into consideration special requirements, such as suitability for contact with food or extreme stress at high and low temperatures, just as much as the requirements regarding durability and appealing design. On account of our wide-ranging expertise in plastics, we are able to demonstrably and safely cover all special requirement areas.

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Flat tray for baked goods

A well-known product in terms of merchandise presentation is the tray for baked goods which, for example, is used in supermarkets. We develop the geometry and design in accordance with your requirements and produce the trays in ABS in conformity with FDA standards.


Gloss-effect tray for baked goods

In addition to the colour scheme, we can also adapt the gloss level to meet your individual requirements.

Deep tray for baked goods

With regard to the functional requirements that a product must fulfil, we assist in suggesting appropriate solutions. In the example illustrated, the tray was provided with slits to enable baking crumbs to be removed more easily. This tray is also safe to be used with food.


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