AGOFORM Utility vehicles

Utility vehicles

For the use of plastic components in utility vehicles the highest standards in terms of quality and load-bearing capacity are obligatory. Based on our years of experience in designing special components, we lay the foundations for optimum quality already at the product development stage. This also includes selecting the most suitable materials in respect of thermal stability, UV-resistance, and impact strength.

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Interior door trims

The example of an interior door trim for a caravan, illustrated here, comprises a total of three individual parts. The interior door trim as well as the tray and ticket pocket were configured in accordance with the customer’s wishes. This interior door trim was manufactured in ABS/ASA which is generally available in a wide range of colours.




Cladding for construction machinery

The various cladding parts for construction machinery can consist of one or more components and are preferably manufactured in ABS/ASA in the customer’s chosen colour. We then assemble these at our factory ready to install.


Cladding and covers for machinery

Plastic cladding can be highly varied. We therefore produce the cladding and covers also in smaller batch sizes to precisely fit your particular machine or plant. For this, we use extremely durable ABS and adapt the colour scheme to match your plant or machinery.


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