Caravan components


For the use of plastic components in utility vehicles the highest standards in terms of quality and load-bearing capacity are obligatory. Based on our years of experience in designing special components, we lay the foundations for optimum quality already at the product development stage. This also includes selecting the most suitable materials in respect of thermal stability, UV-resistance, and impact strength.

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A dashboard is tailored to precisely fit the caravan model in question. The example shown here is made of ABS/TPU and comprises a total of seven individual parts. Following production the individual components, including the basic body, ventilation ducts, and loudspeaker covers undergo final assembly according to your specifications.


Rear light moulding

The rear light moulding is designed according to your design specifications. The moulding in this example comprises two parts, the basic body and the grip channel, which can be assembled postproduction at our factory. A typical material used for these components is ABS/PMMA which is then extruded in your chosen colour.

Third brake light

A third brake light is mainly of importance for the US market since this is legally required for overwide caravans. The mounting demonstrated here is produced in ABS/PMMA according to your specifications.


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