Vertical integration of production

For the transport engineering industries, we offer solutions for caravans, utility vehicles, as well as construction and agricultural machinery. Our wide spectrum of products and expertise is rounded off by the sectors of horticulture and landscaping, goods trays (KLT), electrical and medical engineering, as well as logistics, advertising, and decoration.


Our claim: everything under one roof!

In the field of plastic components for industrial applications, quality and reliability count in equal measure. At AGOFORM we offer you fully integrated vertical production: all processes, from product development and production through to finishing, goods provision and logistics, are subject to our quality control. We ensure that you can rely totally on consistently high quality and availability.


Production possibilities

Sheet extrusion

Since 1985, we have been extruding the original material for our thermoformed products on our own extrusion lines. This allows us to benefit enormously from the numerous creative options that the extrusion process offers, particularly in terms of product design. It also makes us less dependent on upstream suppliers of semi-finished products. Moreover, the use of extrusion technology enables us to produce virtually any colour of polystyrene sheet required.

Coextrusion technology

A further highlight is the use of coextrusion technology. This technology allows us to produce plastic sheets featuring two different colours or materials. Combined with our surface finishing options, this increases the variety of design yet further.


Thermoforming is one of our core production skills. That's why in this sector in particular we take care to maintain extensive ultramodern machinery incorporating many differently aligned, specially equipped machines. In terms of its scale and scope, our thermoforming machinery is most probably unique. We are able to produce free forms up to a size of 2,960 x 1,260 mm.

CNC machining

We possess several CNC machines with table sizes up to 3000 mm x 1500 mm applying 5-axis simultaneous machining. It goes without saying that we can also read external data into our CAD/CAM system (e.g. Solid Edge, ProE, CATIA, I-DEAS, IGES, Step, Unigraphics, AutoCAD, Inventor, Solid Works, VRML) and carry out 3D contour trimming using your CAD data.

Product finalisation / fabrication of assemblies

For the product finishing process we have a broad spectrum of special machines at our disposal. At more than twenty different work stations we are busy bonding, bending, embossing, perforating, sawing, plastic welding, and printing.

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